Any Driver Van Insurance

By far the most cost-effective way to get insurance for a group of people on a van is to use any driver van insurance. Whether it’s for Commercial use or Domestic chose an any driver van policy is far cheaper than insuring each driver separately and it is also more flexible. See below for companies that provide driver van insurance.

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Save Time
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Save up to £235 on your car insurance*
*51% of consumers could save up to £253.93. Consumer Intelligence, March 2021.​

Why Do I Need Any Driver Van Insurance?

A lot of businesses have multiple employees. in some companies, this means the vans owned by the company may need to be driven by a range of people. In others there may only be one or two main drivers but as the business grows the needs may change and any driver van insurance cover allows your business to flex and allow new employees to drive the vans without having to reorganise your van insurance.

Any Driver Van Insurance

If you are a domestic van driver and use your van for holidays or long trips to events or shows having the ability to get other people to help with the driving is very useful. This is especially important if you are into any action sports where you may get injured. The idea of not being able to get home because of an injured foot can be frustrating to say the least. With any driver van insurance, you can simply ask a friend to do the driving and get you home safely.

Does Any Driver Mean…Any Driver?

In some cases any driver actually means a list of named drivers but updating the list is very easy and fast. In other cases companies do offer a more literal version of the cover where anyone with the owners permission and a license can drive the van.