If your business has more than one van then you should seriously consider fleet van insurance rather than multiple policies for your fleet. Fleet insurance can be cheaper, simpler and more flexible.

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Fleet vs Separate Van Policies

What usually happens with growing businesses is that they get a single van and get van insurance to cover it. Then 6 months or maybe a year later they add another van to help cope with the increased business needs, then another and so on. This may have happened or be happening to your business and you are probably renewing separate policies on each van. This can be a admin nightmare and comes with the potential to miss a renewal if there are lots of vehicles.

Fleet Van insurance allows you to combine all your vans in one policy so its one renewal date and cost, it also means you have exactly the same terms and cover on each van. The really great thing about moving to fleet van cover is that it can also work out cheaper for your business as well as easier to manage. The other great thing is that fleet cover allows any of your drivers to drive any vehicles in the fleet without having to check or add people to polices.

Types of Fleet Van Insurance

Thankfully the types of cover will be familiar to most people. There are the usual options of Third party fleet van insurance, third party, fire and theft and fully comprehensive fleet van insurance. Obviously it is important to pick the cover best suited to your business. If money is an issue during a growth period then third party simply makes sure other people are covered should an indecent occur. Moving up to fully comp’ insurance means you and your drivers are also covered for any incidents that don’t involve others and that peace of mind is often worth the money.

Some fleet van insurance comes with breakdown cover, windscreen protection and legal expense cover, others do not. It is really important to look into what the policy offers. For many businesses these extras are not needed and they just need the fleet on the road and insured.