If you have been subject to any kind of conviction either motoring or otherwise, you are going to find it hard to get van insurance. Van insurance for convicted drivers is something the insurers below can offer so read on if you need some cover to get you on the road.

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Where Can I Get Van Insurance if I Have a Conviction?

You will most likely need a specialist insurance company who are able to take on people who are considered high risk by many insurers because they have created a business that can work with higher risk customers. Many of the “high street” insurance companies are pushing for lower and lower premiums and to keep up they have to minimise risk all the time. It is well worth comparing insurance quotes from specialist providers to get the best quote for you.

How Much Will a Conviction Affect My Premiums?

Having any kind of conviction will, unfortunately mean you are going to have to pay more for your van insurance. How much depends on the conviction. Drink driving, for example, stays on your record for 11 years and can involve a prison sentence. A less serious conviction for speeding, for example, only stays on your record for 4 years. The risk for insurers is understandably less for the less serious crimes. It is the risk that dictates the cost of the van insurance.

Are There Ways to Keep Convicted Driver Van Insurance Lower?

While it is a given the costs will be higher than those for someone who doesn’t have a conviction there are some ways you can try to keep the premiums down. The first would be to only take out the cover you need. Avoid taking extra cover for things that you could pay for yourself like car audio cover. Also, chose the right policy, if you only really need domestic cover then don’t get commercial cover. but you obviously need commercial if you are going to work using your van. The second is keep the mileage down, lower mileage amounts can reduce premiums while you are building up your no claims. The final method is to get a smaller van. While it’s good to go big, when you are looking for convicted driver van insurance it is worth cutting down a bit for the first couple of years to keep those premiums down.