Goods in Transit Van Insurance (GIT Insurance)

Vans are used for so many different things when it comes to business. They can be a load lugger, a delivery van, they can serve as a promotional vehicle and much more. So getting the right type of van insurance is important. If you transport a lot of goods or anything at all then goods in transit insurance is what you need!

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What is Goods in Transit Van (GIT) Insurance?

It is basically specific cover for people that transport a lot of tools, materials, goods or anything else. If your business involves delivering items then it counts as goods in transit. it is the same if your van always carries tools to one site or another. But the kind of insurance is also what you need if you are a courier or involved in haulage.

There are two main categories you need to know about

  • Own Goods – If you use your van to carry your own things – this means you just need normal commercial van insurance
  • Haulage – If you transport other people’s things or get paid in any way to move cargo, goods, products etc then you need specific goods in transit insurance.

What Does Goods in Transit Insurance Cover?

It covers the items in your van that do not belong to you. It covers them for fire, theft, and damage. Losing a van load of goods that need to be delivered and have been paid for could cost you your business so it is important to make sure they are covered.